Yet another victim of electrocution in Sliven


On 09.02.2017 a citizen called for a dead vulture, found under an electricity pylon close to the town of Sliven.
Our team immediately visited the site and unfortunately confirmed that the victim was indeed a Griffon Vulture, among the ones imported from Spain within the programme for the restoration of the species in the Balkan Mountains of Bulgaria.

The wing-tag K8P allowed us to recognize the bird as a female, imported from Cataluna, Spain in 2014. The vulture was released on 21.07.2014 in the area of the Central Balkan National Park, where we also carry out regular supplementary feedings in order to encourage the vultures to recolonize the park again. The bird however moved to Sliven and was regularly seen in the area of Karakyutyuk (Sliven) together with other vultures, released within the species restoration programme.

For more information, please contact:
Elena Stoeva – Project Manager LIFE14 NAT/BG/649,
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