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Консервационни дейности за целеви видове от Директивата за птиците на ЕС - белошипа ветрушка, черен лешояд и царски орел, в основните им местообитания в България

Recovery of the Populations of Large European Vultures In Bulgaria
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Lesser Kestrel Recovery
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Griffon vulture released in Bulgaria spotted soaring above the French Alps
[ 19.06.2018 ]
Visitors to the Écrins National Park (France) were excited to spot a female Griffon vulture from the Balkans soaring in the skies at the beginning of June - one that has traveled quite a few kilometers in the last few years. 
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The travels of Viki the vulture around the world and in Bulgaria ;))
[ 01.06.2018 ]
Since its marking with satellite transmitter in the end of 2016 “our” vulture Viki has already visited 7 countries among which, besides Bulgaria, there are also Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, Albania, Serbia, Macedonia as she has literally flied thousands of kilometers. In Bulgaria Viki has been seen on feeding sites in Sliven, Tazha, Kresna.
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[ 28.05.2018 ]
Between 19th and 24th May 2018, a black vulture with a wing-tag H9, named OLAF, born and tagged in the Dadia Reserve in Greece has visited the colony of the Griffon Vultures near Kotel in Bulgaria.
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Bulgaria gifted Europe's nature with a rare bird!
[ 22.05.2018 ]
A Bearded Vulture, hatched in the aviaries of Green Balkans' Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Centre, is being transported to Spain today.
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