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7 Little Mallards Were Released in a Joint Activity by the Green Balkans’ Team and Hunters from Levka Village
Several days ago, the Green Balkans’ “Lesser Kestrel Recovery” LIFE11 NAT/BG/360 team, together with representatives from the hunters’ union from Levka village, released 7 mallards in a micro dam near the village.

The action, already a tradition, was in the context of a long term good relationship between the environmentalists and the hunters in the area. The mallards’ new hope was not chosen randomly, but it is in an area in which the local hunters’ party has restricted the hunting and thus the water body gives a secure location for the young birds.

All 7 released mallards were hatched in the Wildlife Centre and are the offspring of pairs, confiscated after searching for poachers near Stara Zagora, several years ago.

The activity caused a discussion considering the opening of the hunting season in Bulgaria.

The local hunters are a key Green Balkans’ partner in the implementation of the “Lesser Kestrel Recovery” LIFE 11 NAT/BG/360 project. By providing information about observation of Lesser Kestrels in the area, where the hunting habitats of the Kestrels are located, and carrying out other activities, the hunters actively help the environmentalists.

For further information, please contact:
Gradimir Gradev, Green Balkans, Project Manager
Lesser Kestrel Recovery, LIFE11 NAT/BG/360
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The “Greater Chance for the Lesser Kestrel (Falco naumanni) in Bulgaria” project was awarded the Moto-Pfohe’s Donor Programme for Preserving Natural and Cultural Heritage in Bulgaria!]