The travels of Viki the vulture around the world and in Bulgaria ;))


Since its marking with satellite transmitter in the end of 2016 “our” vulture Viki has already visited 7 countries among which, besides Bulgaria, there are also Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, Albania, Serbia, Macedonia as she has literally flied thousands of kilometers. In Bulgaria Viki has been seen on feeding sites in Sliven, Tazha, Kresna.

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Between 19th and 24th May 2018, a black vulture with a wing-tag H9, named OLAF, born and tagged in the Dadia Reserve in Greece has visited the colony of the Griffon Vultures near Kotel in Bulgaria.

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Follow the flight of the endangered Egyptian Vultures on the World Migratory Bird Day


On May 14, the team of the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds and the Green Balkans tagged four young Egyptian vultures with satellite transmitters in Eastern Rhodopes. For nearly two months, birds are preparing for wildlife in a special adaptation aviary. The vultures were examined and dewormed and will be released after two days. Through the satellite transmitters, the experts will track their behavior in nature and their adaptation.

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Record number of vultures on the feeding site in Sinite kamani Nature Park


36 Griffon vultures were observed on May 2nd on the feeding site in Sinite kamani Nature Park managed by the team of “Bright future for the Black vulture” LIFE14 NAT/BG/649 project. This is the highest number recorded up to now by our team. Amongst the birds observed there have been some individuals nesting in the colony in Kotel, which has been recovered as a result of the efforts of the mutual team of FWFF and Green Balkans in the region of Sinite kamani Nature Park – Kotel as well as birds dwellers of the park. In the group there have also been some wild birds without markings which is a confirmation that the availability of an adaptation aviary as well as the regular provision of food not only contribute to the remaining in the area of the released birds, imported from Spain but also attract wild individuals. On May 1st on the feeding site in Sinite kamani Nature park the first Egyptian vulture for the season was observed.      

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