13 settlements from the country participated in the information campaign to celebrate the Night of the Bats!

In the current 2022, we celebrated for the 26th consecutive yearof  the "Night of the Bats" initiative and 31 years since the signing of the Agreement for the Protection of the Populations of European Bat Species.

The initiative to celebrate the event is the Secretariat of EUROBATS - the Agreement for the Conservation of European Bat Species, and already every year more than 30 countries from all over the world participate.

This year in Bulgaria, the campaign was celebrated in 13 settlements by over 15 institutions and organizations, and the graduates of dozens of schools and kindergartens got to know the mysterious world of bats!

Green Balkans events in different cities included: Green Balkans; Municipality of Lovech, DNP "Rila", Regional Historical Museum - Blagoevgrad; "Vrachanski Balkan" Nature Park Directorate; RPNM "Cherni Osam", National School for Mountain Guides, village of Cherni Osam, Center - House "M. Balkanski" - Nova Zagora, DPP "Sinite Kamani" - town of Sliven, House-Museum "Geo Milev" in town of Stara Stara Zagora, Alfa-Daniel guest house and horse base, Balkanets village, commune. Troyan, DG Sinchets, Troyan, Botevgrad Historical Museum, PPMG "Exarch Antim I", Vidin, Community center "Prosveta -1882" - Kula, Severopazvane movement, cavers, climbers and volunteers.

We express our thanks for the good partnership for another year, and for the incredible emotions that accompanied the events.

The campaign was also celebrated in the city of Sliven - DPP "Sinite kamani", Nature Conservation Center Natura in the town of Vratsa - DPP "Vrachanski Balkan", town of Blagoevgrad - NP "Rila" and RIM Blagoevgrad, town of Samokov - Visitor Information Center of the NP "Rila", which were provided with informational materials about bats, issued within the framework of the "Natura 2000 in Bulgaria - New Horizons" project.

The initiative is open to anyone interested in promoting flying mammals. Information on how to celebrate the Night of the Bats yourself can be found on the specialized website for bats of Green Balkans HERE.

Find out how the events in the country went:

• Lovech - Green Balkans and Municipality of Lovech

• Nova Zagora - Green Balkans and Cultural Center - House "M. Balkanski"

• Sliven - DPP "Blue Stones"

• Stara Zagora - Green Balkans and "Geo Milev" House-Museum - Stara Zagora

• Botevgrad – Green Balkans and Botevgrad Historical Museum

• Vidin - Green Balkans and the North Conservation movement in PPMG "Exarch Antim I", town of Vidin

• Kula - Green Balkans and Severopazvane movement in "Prosveta -1882" Community Center - town of Kula

• Vratsa - DPP "Vrachanski Balkan" in the Nature Conservation Center Natura in the town of Vratsa

• Blagoevgrad - "Rila" National Park and Blagoevgrad Regional History Museum

• Samokov - "Rila" National Park in the Visitor Information Center in the town of Samokov

• Cherni Osam village - Green Balkans, Wildlife Rescue Center of Green Balkans, Natural History Museum in Cherni Osam village and "Vasil Levski" National School for Mountain Guides

• Balkanets village - Green Balkans, Rescue center for wild animals of Green Balkans in Alfa-Daniel guest house and horse base, Balkanets village, commune. Trojan

•Troyan - Green Balkans, Green Balkans Wild Animal Rescue Center in Sinchets District, Troyan

With thanks to everyone who celebrated Bat Night and became part of the popularization and conservation of these interesting and secretive mammals!

Until next year!

For additional information:
Elena Stoeva - Project Manager
mobile phone: 08875734699, e-mail:

Polya Toncheva – Project Coordinator
mobile phone: 0894059156, e-mail:

The information campaign to celebrate the Night of the Bats is carried out within the framework of a project:

And it is on the initiative of the Agreement for the Protection of European Bat Species: