25 years Bat Night in Europe!

In 2021 the Bat Night informational campaign will be celebrated thanks to the contribution and volunteers efforts of all campaign partners. 

Our aim is to show that bats are not scary at all, but different and sympathetic. In Bulgaria could be seen 33 of all 35 bats species in Europe and all of them are insectivorous. Bats are very useful for mankind, because a great part of the insects they feed are pests in agriculture, and in the cities they help fighting mosquitoes, as a little brown bat is able to eat 1000 mosquitoes per night! Let everyone spread information about the significant role they play, so we can preserve them for the future. At the moment one of the ways to preserve more than 6000 caves in Bulgaria is if there are bats colonies inside them. Many of these caves are within Natura 2000 sites, often under the Habitats directive – habitat type 8310 - Caves not open to the public.

Forthcoming events:
Presentations, children painting, “bats” gymnastic, bats games, various workshops and tombola,  exhibitions, quizzes presentations and movies will provoke the interest in the secret life of bats.

This year we celebrate 30 years of Agreement on the Conservation of European Bats’ Species (EUROBATS) and 25 years Bat Night in Europe!

If you are still anxious about the connection between COVID-19 and bats, you can see the video: Are bats responsible for COVID-19?

Or you can get acquainted with the EUROBATS’ statement about the subject here:

Facebook event for all settlements:
SLIVEN (21st of September) – Green Balkans and “Blue Stones” National Park, Sliven.
Contact person: Aneliya Pavlova, Green Balkans, mobile +359 899269576.
STARA ZAGORA (24th of September) - organizers:  Green Balkans and “Geo Milev” House Museum at 18:00 o’clock. The visitors can see how we research bats by means of nets and eavesdropping. We will present a bats exhibition and everyone can participate in art workshops, games, etc.
Contact person: Polya Ruseva - Green Balkans, mobile +359 894059156.
POMORIE (30th of September) - The Pomorie Lake Visitors Center, managed by the History Museum of Pomorie Municipality will host the Bat Night. Everyone who comes will learn interesting scientific facts about the bats through special presentation.
Contact person: Aneliya Pavlova, Green Balkans, mobile +359 899269576.
BOURGAS (1st of October)- Bat Night is hosted in „Slaveikov“ Sport Complex near the climbing wall at 18:00 o’clock. Organizers are Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation, Green Balkans and “Nepiast” Speleo Club.  The visitors can witness how we research bats by means of nets, by using cave helmets and by eavesdropping on them. Everyone can see the bats exhibition or climb the wall.
Contact persons: Radostina Tsenova – Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation, mobile +359 888508502; Polina Hristova – Green Balkans, mobile +359 882508721.

PLOVDIV (2nd of October, 17:00 o’clock) –The Bat Night will be held in the “Dondukova Gradina” City Park behind the Natural History Museum. The event is organized by Green Balkans, the Regional Natural History Museum-Plovdiv, “Dzhendema” Speleo Club, “Agharta” Mountain Sports Club and other friends.
There are outdoor activities in the program, but for the presentation and the reading of the child’s book about Darky the Bat inside the museum, there is a registration form to be filled in advance.
To comply with the measures according to the Order from The Ministry of Health it is necessary for everyone who wishes to register themselves in this form, and later we will get in touch with him/her, in order to confirm his/her participation.
The program in brief:
17:00 ч. – “Dondukova Gradina” Park, Plovdiv – start of the event
17:15 o‘clock – Bats’ presentation in the museum’s planetarium.
17:15 o‘clock – Reading of child’s book “The Adventures of Darky the Bat” in one of the museum’s halls.
17:00 - 19:00 o’clock – Presentation of cave techniques and works for researching bats in Dondukova Gradina.
17:00 -19:00 o’clock – exhibitions, banners and large puzzles for the bats
19:00 o’clock – eavesdropping of bats in the park with an ultrasound detector.

Contact person: Aneliya Pavlova, Green Balkans, mobile +359 899269576.

ASENOVGRAD (4th of October – 18:00 o’clock) – In the “Paisii Hilendarski” National Library, Krum Sirakov will tell about the bats together with the partners - “Paisii Hilendarski” National Library– Asenovgrad and “Ustremeni” Tourist Association
Contact person: Krum Sirakov - mobile +359 888229073

VRATSA (5th of October) – Green Balkans and “Vrachanski Balkan” park directorate in the building of Nature protection center “Natura”. Detector for bats, bats exhibition, art workshops and more surprises.
Contact person: Polya Ruseva - Green Balkans, mobile +359 894059156.
“Vrachanski Balkan” National Park directorate - mobile +359 888866529.

BLAGOEVGRAD (6th of October) – In the Regional History Museum (RIM) – Blagoevgrad at 17:00 o’clock – Opening of “Natura 2000 in Bulgaria"  exhibition and the presentation “Bats worldwide and at home”
Contact person: Tonya Todorova (RIM - Blagoevdrad) – mobile +359 877554458.

ROUSSE (15th of October) – in the Lapidarium of the Regional History Museum – Rousse. We plan a lecture for the bats in Bulgaria (Krasimir Kirov) and a projection of movie for bats.
Contact person: Krasimir Kirov - mobile +359 889518918

LOVETCH (20th of October) – Green Balkans and Lovetch Municipality. Bats exhibition, a presentation, art workshops, games and more surprises.
Contact person: Polya Ruseva - Green Balkans, mobile +359 894059156.
Plamen Yotov - Lovetch Municipality – mobile: +359 884332394.

PLEVEN (21st of October at 11:00 o’clock) - Green Balkans and Regional History Museum. Bats exhibition, a presentation, art workshops, games and more surprises.
Contact person: Polya Ruseva - Green Balkans, mobile +359 894059156.
Rumianka Baleva – RIM Pleven - mobile: +359 879822161.

CHERNI OSAM Village (22nd of October) – Green Balkans, “Cherni Osam” Natural Sciences Museum and “Cherni Osam” National School for Mountain Guides at 15:00 o’clock. Bats exhibition, a presentation, an ultrasounds detector, safety techniques, climbing and more surprises.
Contact person: Polya Ruseva - Green Balkans, mobile: +359 894059156.
Pavlina Ivanova – NSM Cherni Osam, mobile: +359 899183262.
Rumiana Veleshka – NSMG Cherni Osam, mobile: +359 878731190

More for the initiative:
The EUROBATS Secretariat has the initiative for celebrating the event under the Agreement on  the Conservation of Populations of European Bats.
Celebrated for the first time 25 years ago, today the European Bat Night is organized in more than 30 countries, including Bulgaria. USA, The Philippines, Azerbaijan, Israel, Tunisia, Ukraine and Lebanon joined the event for the first time in 2012. Thus the Bat Night became international, exceeding the scale of the “Old continent”, which aims to introduce more people with the unique way of life and great importance of some of the most interesting animals on the planet – the bats. Usually the western countries celebrate the Bat Night in the last weekend of August, but in Bulgaria we are all still on vacation then J, that’s why we wait for the beginning of school year and we unfold the informational campaign of Bat Night after 15th of September.

You can participate in celebrating the informational campaign – Bat Night 2021!
In the specialized web page for the bats you can find information how you can organize the event in school or with friends!

Follow the events in Facebook as well!

Green Balkans are a member of the international organization BatLife Europe, with the support by  KFFOE (Austrian Coordination Centre for Bat Conservation and Research).

Natura 2000
Natura 2000 is the greatest coordinate network for nature protection. More than 30% of Bulgarian territory falls into the scope of the network – 120 protected areas for preservation of wild birds and 234 protected areas for preservation of natural habitats.

33 of all 35 bats species in Europe are to be seen in Bulgaria and they are of key importance for the ecosystems. All of them are protected under the Biodiversity Law  and forest and underground habitats of species are protected zones within the Natura 2000 ecological network.

The informational activities are part of a project: