A Green Balkans team carried out examinations of the birds at Stara Zagora Zoo

The Green Balkans Rescue Center team of veterinarians conducted for the first time a health check-up examination of the birds inhabiting Stara Zagora Zoo.

Owls, vultures, storks, hawks, buzzards and mallards were among the patients who underwent preventive examination and deworming today, under the guidance of Dr Rusko Petrov, Center Manager and PhD of Trakia University, and Dr Stefka Dimitrova, chief physician at the Rescue Center.

The examination took place in the presence of the head of the Stara Zagora’s Zoo, Dr Ivelina Ilieva, as well as volunteers, students of veterinary medicine and a foreign language group from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the Trakia University, led by Dr Roydev. The initiative was part of their training in exotic animal surgery.

The general conclusion of the specialists involved in the review is that the birds have a good health status and have no problem facing the cold months.

As leading experts in the treatment and rehabilitation of wild birds in Bulgaria, the veterinarians of the Green Balkans Rescue Center will continue to be a partner of the Stara Zagora Zoo team in the future, continuing their fruitful cooperation.