A camera installed near a feeding ground captures the life of Egyptian vultures!

A special camera installed near the feeding place of Egyptian vultures will provide the Green Balkans team with information about what is happening in real-time!

The camera in the area of the Provadian village of Partizani monitors who appears at the food court and how clean it is! Our team's goal is to monitor the appearance of Egyptian vultures in the area.

These days, for example, the camera caught the presence of an Egyptian vulture, which, in addition to landing on the site several times, circled it, and this was visible in the video recording.

Of course, the mounted device also gives other, very interesting information about the species diversity in the area. There, for example, crows, buzzards, and other small birds often eat, as well as a fox that found a way to get to the food left by our team, despite the measures we took!

We remind you that the activities in the area are financed by the Municipality of Prague and the cooperation of the Prague Zoo!