A globally threatened species was killed by poison against wildlife!

For a period of less than one month the Black Vulture Blacky Skrill visited four countries only to come back to Bulgaria and be killed…

The team of Green Balkans and the Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna (FWFF) signals for another case of brutal usage of poison against wildlife, endangering not only the wild animals, but also people.

The incident already has an actual victim – the Black Vulture Blacky Skrill, which transmitter signaled the death of the bird yesterday evening.

Blacky Skrill is named by donors– the Alchemists team from the company Pay Safe. By naming the animal, they expressed their good will and support for the restoration of Black Vulture in Bulgaria.

The Alchemists team is part of more than 100 donors, who supported the program and followed the fate of the birds.

The birds are donated to Bulgaria by the Government of Extremadura in Spain. They are part of a long-term program for restoration of the species in the country, which, after more than three decades, had results this year with the first hatched Black Vulture chick. Unfortunately, together with the long expected good news, we are witnessing another criminal act of poison usage.

After her release of 12th of May, Blacky Skrill undertook serious “wanders” only to come back to Bulgaria and be killed!

For a period of less than one month Blacky Skrill had been in Turkey, Romania, Moldova and Ukraine, it returned to Bulgaria and than visited Greece. Since yesterday the bird was back  in Bulgaria, where it was poisoned…

This morning the transmitter signalized that since 18:00 yesterday the temperature of the bird had lowered and the аccelerometer of the transmitter registered unusual data. That led our team to the thought that it is possible the bird is no longer alive. During the checkup, done today – the 4th of June, according to the data from the satellite transmitter, near Dobrinishte, the Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna team found a carcass of a horse with a poison bait. On the same place the team established a Raven, which couldn’t fly away (obviously poisoned after eating from the carcass). The transmitter was found thrown away on another remote location – in the Mesta River – an attempt to hide the committed crime. The carcass of the bird is still not found, but circumstances make its fate clear… Car tracks were found near the place where the transmitter was located.

We would like to remind that the Black Vulture is a protected species, included in Annex 3 to Article 37 from the Biodiversity Act. Being a globally threatened species, its killing and the usage of poison against wildlife are a crime, subject to the Penalty Code of the Republic of Bulgaria.

This is another case of dead Black Vulture after the case of Ultron.

In 2017 similar bait caused the death of almost entire colony, restored with enormous effort, of Griffon Vultures in the Kresna Region.

Thanks to the help of donors like the Alchemists team from Pay Safe company, the released birds have transmitters, which help vultures to be found on time and also to locate poison baits, which can cause enormous damage to entire colonies and to destroy years of hard work of an international team and many citizens and donors: -

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