A new revised and updated Checklist of bird species in Pomorie Lake has been published

Cheklist of Pomorie lake - cover
At the end of August, the project "Life for the Pomorie Lagoon" was completed, which included survey and conservation activities for the avifauna in Pomorie Lake - one of the wetlands along our coast of great importance for birds, both for wintering and migratory species, as well as for nesting ones.

Within the framework of the project, regular monitoring was carried out in the lagoon area, and for a period of three years, 105 monitoring visits to the lake area were carried out, including a complete tour of the lake and its adjacent territories; about 200 field days per year were reported – including ringing of birds, observation of ringed birds during migration, monitoring nesting success, etc. Thanks to all this, the registered species within the project alone reached 132! The avian biodiversity and the beauty of the Pomorie Lagoon attract hundreds of birdwatchers and nature lovers from all over the world every year. Their contribution to the updated list has been invaluable, with a significant proportion of the species on it thanks to data shared by them. With this, the list of species found in the Pomorie lake area has reached 297!

The rich set of data allowed the Checklist of bird species in the Pomorie Lake to be republished. The publication includes a complete list of the species recorded in Pomorie Lake to date, their status, abundance and the appropriate period to observe them. A detailed description of the area, a map of the lake, photos of the more interesting and rare species are also included.

You will be able to learn more interesting details, as well as which are the new species, complementing the already rich avifauna of this small but priceless piece of nature, by looking at the publication on our website – ‘The birds of Pomorie Lake. Status and Checklist. Revised and updated second edition.’