A story about a scops owl and something more!

Wildlife rescue stories – there are many.

So what makes this one more special? Well, with the fact that citizens and institutions were united, in the name of a young bird! But, let's start over!

Imagine a summer evening. Everyone is resting somewhere after a hot, working day. The phone of the Rescue Center rings and the person on duty receives a call. The report is about a baby scops owl that fell to the ground. It is from the management of the Stara Zagora Zoo. Our team responds on site at the zoo. The citizens who found the bird are waiting there.

A quick check reveals the bird is fine. After commemorative photos, it was placed on a tree branch in the area where it was found. Not long after, one of its parents comes.

So what is the moral of the story?

Citizens, NGOs and institutions united to save a life, and the children participating in the event learned a valuable lesson - every living being deserves attention and a second chance.