A visit to “Chuchuliga” Kinder Garden, Plovdiv

At the end of September the team of “Natura 2000 in Bulgaria – New Horizons” and “Bright Future for Black Vulture” made a presentation in front of three groups from “Chuchuliga” Kinder Garden.

Aneliya and Lyubka told the todlers interesting facts about the flying mammals (bats) using beautiful photographs and a special equipment.  The little Batman’s fans learnt how useful the bats are, because they eat a lot of pest insects. The same day there was a little surprise as our presentation included other protected species as well. Thanks to the model of “Gosho the Griffon Vulture” the children found out how useful the vultures – “The Cleaners in the Nature” are.

Everyone was supplied with information materials about the bats and a children’s book about the vultures.  This is not our first visit to the little fans of nature, because the kids for years live together with the Long-eared Owls, which are settled on the trees around the kinder garden in the day.

The children, parents and teachers also had a surprise for the team of Green Balkans – they had preliminary prepared projects for the bats. It happened just on time for the forthcoming International Bat Night in Plovdiv – 2nd of October, “Dondukova Gradina” Park, behind the Natural History Museum.

We would like to thank with all our hearts to all groups and to the event’s coordinator – Mrs. Irena Beleva!
See you again!

Aneliya Pavlova - "Natura 2000 in Bulgaria – New Horizons" – mob. +359 899269576
Lyubka Gyurova – “Bright future for the black vulture” - mob. +359 876618186