A young Imperial eagle was taken for rearing at the Green Balkans Rescue Center

During Green Balkans' regular tagging activities for young imperial eagles this year, our team came across an eagle significantly smaller than the other young in one of the nests.

Usually, the large difference in the size of the chicks is detrimental to a smaller one, which cannot withstand the competition for food. This leads to gradual exhaustion and eventually death.

The species of imperial eagle is very rare not only in the nature of Bulgaria, but also in Europe as well. Its population in nature in our country amounts to no more than 35-40 pairs. Therefore, the survival of each little one is essential to the existence of the species.

Guided by these considerations, the on site Green Balkans team, in which were veterinarians from the Rescue Center also took part, after consultation with MEW Stara Zagora (Ministry of Environment and Waters), and urgently transported the young imperial eagle to the center's clinic. There, he was examined, dewormed and placed in the intensive care unit, where he is receiving specialized care.

Once he starts feeding on his own, the eaglet will be moved to an adaptation aviary in the cage of the pair of Imperial eagles at the Center, where he will learn the behavior of the adult birds and, at the same time, grow on its own. And, once it grows enough, it will be released back into the wild.

All activities of capturing and marking imperial eagles by the Green Balkans team are within the framework of the Law on Biological Diversity and are accompanied by special permits issued by the Ministry of Environment and Waters.