Another 26 white storks were released from the Green Balkans Rescue Center

At the very end of August, the Green Balkans Rescue Center team parted with the last white storks ready for release, raised or treated at the centre in the summer of 2022.

The birds flew out of the hands of the guests of the event - children and their parents.

All, a total of 26 storks, were examined and dewormed by the Center's veterinarians. And this time, our first assistants were the veterinary medicine students from Trakia University, interns at the Center.

Ah, the temporary home of the birds was once again the abandoned substation next to the dam of the village of Opan, Stara Zagora.

With this, the last event of the year, the number of successfully released white storks from the Center in 2022 is, in total, 56.

We wish our feathered friends a safe flight!