Belcho and Nadezhda the Griffon vultures’ pair has just laid an egg

The Griffon vultures Belcho and Nadezhda included in the Green Balkans’ Wildlife rehabilitation and breeding center are about to become parents for fourth year.

Belcho and Nadezhda started with courtship two months ago and after multiple mating attempts they finally laid an egg late last night. As always, the male was quite impatient to start incubating and shifted with the female a few hours after the egg was laid.

The pair have raised four chicks in total so far and even managed to double-clutch once, a great achievement for the species, which makes them one of the best parents in the breeding program.

If they handle the incubation successfully, the egg is expected to hatch in the beginning of March and the team of the Rescue center will assist the process if needed.

Despite the fact that the project “Bright future for the Black vulture” LIFE14 NAT/BG/649 within which the pair was formed has ended, we keep on taking care of the birds and all their chicls will be released in the wild in order to boost the number of the species in Bulgaria.