"Draw Me a Dolphin" Creativity Contest Results

Painting category * I age group * 1 place *Radoslav Pankov from the town of Kazanlak – 15 years;
The jury of the "Draw me a dolphin" creativity contest successfully handled the difficult task of assessing all 347 works sent from all over the country.
The creativity contest dedicated to dolphins is organized within the framework of the project "Natura 2000 in Bulgaria – New Horizons" LIFE17 GIE/BG/371 and aims to draw attention to marine mammals, their ecological role and what we can (not) do in order to have a healthier living environment.
We received 347 works in 2 categories –painting and digital painting from 4 age groups, which were assessed by a jury in a composition: Mincho Todorov, Petya Karpuzova, Vanya Angelova, Ivaylo Gogov and Galina Meshkova.

Painting Category
I age group
1st place – Radoslav Pankov from the town of Kazanlak – 15 years;
2nd place – Tsvetelina Ilieva from Vidin – 15 years;
3rd place – Ivayla Todorova from the town of Balchik – 12 years
Incentive award receive: Joanna Barzova from Sofia  – 12 years, Vladislav Savchev from the  town of Popovo – 14 years old, Joanna Angelova from Haskovo – 14 years old, Beste Beisim from the village of Pravda – 13 years old, Maria Angelova from the town of Belovo – 12 years old, Radostina Koleva from  Pleven – 15 years, Daniel Atanasov from the town of  Burgas – 12 years, Eleonora Nedelcheva from Popovo – 15 years, Kalina Ilieva from Tryavna – 12 years old, Karina Spasova from Dupnitsa – 14 years

II age group
1st place – Plamena Georgieva from the town of Dupnitsa – 17 years;
2nd place – Maria Raykova from the town of  Kazanlak – 18 years;
3rd place – Veronica Yondzhi from the town of  Kazanlak – 16 years
Incentive award receive : Viktoria Nedyalkova from the town of Dryanovo – 16 years old, Nancy Nikolova from Dupnitsa – 16 years, Diana Stefanova from Tryavna – 16 years old, Radina Petrova from Pazardzhik – 16 years old, Kassandra Nedyalkova from Dryanovo – 16 years old, Ricardo Dimitrov from Radnevo – 18 years, Miriam Stoyanova – 17, Elitsa Deneva from Dryanovo – 16 years old, Mila Milusheva from Haskovo – 16 years old, Petyo Atanasov from the village of Belozem – 17 years old, Natasha Dimitrova from the town of Maglij – 16 years

III age group
1st place 
In the "painting" category for adult participants, Lyudmil Banev from the town of Kazanlak – 19 years will have the opportunity to be included in one-day expedition along the Black Sea. 
Incentive award receive: Cenka Stoyanova from Stara Zagora and Veselina Marinova from the town of Kazanlak.

Outside the age group
1st place – Georgi Abadzhiev from  Stara Zagora – 8 years;
2nd place – Ralitsa Stoyanova from the town of Pazardzhik – 10 years;
3rd place – Denislav Karamichov from Stara Zagora – 8 years
Incentive award receive: Thea Hristova from Kazanlak – 8 years, Militsa Kinaeva from the village of Aldomirovtsi – 7 years, Christiana Hristova from the town of Dulovo – 11 years old, Gabriela Lazarova from Dobrich – 8 years, Lora Atanasova from Stara Zagora – 10 years old, Beloslava Georgieva from Stara Zagora, Nikola Anastasov from the village of Markovo – 9 years, Valentina Genatova from Burgas – 9 years, Dea Trifonova – 11 years, Gabriela Cholakova from  Stara Zagora – 10 years, Nia Tsvetkova – 11, Ina Velcheva – 7 years old, Polina Petkova from Kazanlak – 11 years old, Kalina Taneva from Stara Zagora – 9 years
All works in "painting" category can be seen in the video below.

 “Digital painting” category
I age group
1st place – Kaloyan Hadzhistoychev from Sliven – 13 years;
2nd place – Stella Bozhkova from Pazardzhik – 13 years;
3rd place – Nikola Dimitrov from Balchik – 15 years
An incentive award is received – Desislava Dzhurkova from the town of Burgas – 15 years, Berna Nikolova from Nikolaevo, Magdalena Dobreva from the town of Plovdiv – 12 years, Tsvetelina Velichkova from Nikolaevo.

II age group
1st place – Duigu Ahath from the town of Haskovo – 16 years
2nd place – Deyan Petrov from  Dobrich – 17 years
3rd place – Dobromir Petrov from Dobrich – 17 years

III age group
1st place
In the category "digital painting" for adult participants, Victor Vasilev from the town of Shumen will have the opportunity to be included in one-day along  the Black Sea.
Incentive award receive: Anna Petrova from Pleven – 29 years old and Eliza Mladenov from the town of Sofia – 27 years

Outside age group
1st place – Dea Georgieva – 10 years;
2nd place – Magdalena Petrova from Silistra – 11 years;
3rd place – Maria Dobreva from Burgas – 9 years
An incentive award  receive:  Melissa Jakub from Silistra – 11 years old, Martin Ivanov from Burgas – 10 years and Nayden from Gabrovo – 12 years
All works in "digital painting" category can be seen in the video below.

Congratulations to the award-winning and thank you to all who became part of the activities of Green Balkans through the contest "Draw me a dolphin".
Certificates of participation will be sent to everyone at their specified postal addresses.
With the 3rd age group of participants who have won the first prize, we will contact personally.

For contacts:
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