Eight more Saker falcons hatched at the Green Balkans Rescue Center are on their way to freedom!


The "Reintroduction of the Saker falcon in Bulgaria" project team redirected to the adaptation aviaries in nature, eight more young Saker falcons, hatched at the Green Balkans Rescue Center in 2022!


These are the second group of falcons, days ago five others went to the aviaries.


Thus, literally, at one distance from freedom are already 13 Saker falcons.

Assistants in the activities for the preparation of birds and field activities were students from the National Professional School of Veterinary Medicine "Ivan Pavlov", Stara Zagora, part of the "Student Practices" project of the Ministry of Education and Science.


The project team takes care of the young birds on a daily basis, providing them with food and monitoring their behavior, through video surveillance cameras located in each of the three aviaries, a temporary home for the birds!


And when we decide that they are ready, we will open the doors of the aviaries to release them into nature, where they belong.

The "Reintroduction of the Saker Falcon in Bulgaria" project is funded by the Mohamed Bin Zayed Raptor Conservation Fund and Armeec JSC.