For the Future of the Cinereous Vulture in Bulgaria!


We have launched a fundraising campaign to continue the work of the return of Cinereous Vultures in Bulgaria at

The Cinereous Vultures – the black lords of the Bulgarian sky, the largest birds of prey in the nature and extinct species. They need you in order to be reintroduced and settled permanently in our country!

In recent years, more than 60 Cinereous Vultures have been released in Bulgaria.

The Green Balkans’ team is appealing for support to the citizens for successful completion of the vulture conservation programme. Our LIFE14 project “A Bright Future for the Black Vulture: competed with dozens of other ideas form all over Europe to use the funds precisely in Bulgaria, namely for biodiversity conservation and by an organization that is not from the business sector but works for public welfare.
Notwithstanding the support we have received, a significant part of our activities are enabled by contributions form private or corporate donors who are our partners and help us to implement our ideas for the reintroduction of rare species. This is the only way to complete our long-term conservation programme, in which a considerable amount of effort has been put.

An entire generation of conservationists worked every day to reach to the point, 30 years of hard work and the support of like-minded and partners have brought us here:

- We successfully reintroduced the Griffon Vulture as a breeding species in the Kresna Gorge and the Balkan Mountains. We did it together with our partners form the Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna and the Society for the Protection of Birds of Prey;

- We released 138 Griffon Vultures received as a donation from 19 zoos in 7 countries;

- A total of 66 Cinereous Vultures were donated from Spain, and it happened thanks to a huge effort of a large international team;

- We are on the right track to restore the unique ecological function of vultures, namely the vultures are nature's critical clean-up crew. It is important and it saves the economy, the state and private owners millions of leva needed for the extermination of dead domestic animals.

Your personal contribution will be crucial to bring our program to a successful end: the Cinereous Vulture to nest again in the wild in Bulgaria, and one day to reintroduce the symbol of Bulgarian nature conservation – Bearded Vulture.

The raised funds we are going to use for feeding and maintain the feeding grounds next to the aviary in the Natural Park “Sinite Kamani”. It is necessary due to the fact vultures keep returning long after they have been released. We will place artificial nesting platforms of suitable trees with the help of mountaineers and purchase a transmitter, which is extremely important for tracking the vultures and securing them in case of poisoning.  

Become a part of the reintroduction of 6 Cinereous Vultures that will be released in early May.
If you donate 500 BGN to the program, you can become a godparent to one of the vultures.

Let's do something together for Bulgarian nature!

Link to the campaign at, here:

For further information about the project:
Ivelin Ivanov - Project Manager, tel. 0887574699