Tewes the Cinereous Vulture - in Italy

Our colleagues from Riserva Naturale Regionale del Lago di Cornino in Italy share photos of 'our Cinereous vulture Tewes. Tewes is a female bird released as part of the species reintroduction program in Bulgaria, but like most Cinereous vultures, she enjoys wandering before settling down.
Tewes for instance visited Serbia, Greece, Albania, North Macedonia, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, and Slovenia.

Tewes was hatched in 2020 in Spain, and then donated to Bulgaria by the Regional Government of Extremadura, with the assistance of the organizations AMUS and Vulture Conservation Foundation. She was released into the wild in June 2022 in Dolno Ozirovo, Vratsa. She was named after EVELYN TEWES - an expert on the Cinereous vulture, a great friend of Green Balkans and Bulgaria, with a huge contribution to the species' return to the country.

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