Green Balkans joined the Uzana Polyana Fest 2022 

Our team joined this year’s edition of the ‘Uzana Polyana Fest – green ideas working’, where the geographical centre of our country – Uzana, was once again a centre of ecological ideas and nature conservation causes.

All visitors were extremely excited to learn about our work as well as the work of other nature conservation organizations. Our feathered ambassadors – the Little Owl Blaga, the buzzard Vladko, the Tawny Owl Chara, the Harris's Hawk Harris and the Saker Falcon Romeo from the Green Balkans Wildlife Rescue Centre were there to tell their stories to all.

Our team along with volunteers from the ‘Life for falcons’ (LIFE20 NAT/BG/1162) project joined to tell more about falcons and their life as well as our work to protect falcons in our country. Simeon Petrov aged 12, Boris Getsov aged 7 and a half and Todor Ivanov aged 11 were amongst our most active volunteers and were keen to share their experiences with wildlife to all.

We didn’t forget to bring our real-life models of Griffon and Black Vulture, Lesser Kestrel, Red-breatsed Goose and a real-life stork nest with stork models where people could see the dangers of littering to wildlife. Our stork nest is part of the ‘For cleaner nature today, tomorrow, forever’ project, financed by Lidl Bulgaria aiming to raise awareness on pollution and its dangers to wildlife through the life of storks and their nest – made not only with sticks and wheat but also with plastic bags, food wrappers and other trash. Inside the nest are lifelike models of an adult stork and a baby stork with its leg caught inside a plastic bag, which actually happens very often in nature, because adults perceive bags and green ropes as food for the baby and bring them into the nest where they pose a threat to the young ones.

We were happy to meet the Minister of environment and waters Borislav Sandov and his wife who met and even held our ambassador the buzzard Harris and the Tawny owl Chara in their hands, along with the Gabrovo mayer Tanya Hristova and the former Minister of agriculture, food and forests – Desislava Taneva, who shared their experience and positive opinion of our work. 

We had prepared a special surprise for visitors – birds release where a lot of children joined – four Common Kestrels returned to freedom in the skies above Uzana.

We’d like to thank the organizers of the Uzana Polyana Fest for their work and for inviting us to join the initiative!

The Green Balkans work on the protection of the Saker Falcon is part of the ‘Life for falcons’ LIFE20 NAT/BG/1162 project, joining 7 organizations from Bulgaria, Romania, Germany and Holland, financed through the LIFE programme of the EC.

The event was also part of the:

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