Green Balkans volunteering meeting at the “Golyam Beglik” dam

Friends and supporters of Green Balkans, we have the pleasure to invite YOU to our small volunteer camp!

As part of the Green Balkans activities and “Natura 2000 in Bulgaria – New Horizons” project, we will spend 3 days in nature, in which we will get to know each better and will share our creative ideas for the Bulgarian nature conservation.

The meeting will take place in the “Chatama” area in the period 17-19 September 2021. The programme will be rich in entertaining activities such as riding a bicycle, sailing with boats, compass orientating in the forest. We will combine the activities with interesting information about how and why we protect the Bulgarian nature.

You are enthusiastic and have skills which are NOT obligatory directly connected with biology?
This meeting is exactly for you!

The meeting aims to familiarize the participants with the activities and the needs of the organization while we have fun and getting to know each other better. Not everything with us is related to field activities – in most cases we are piled with administrative work, we need design ideas, translations and much more!

Isn’t it beautiful – old and new volunteers together in the mountain, sharing experience and ideas about future activities!

►If you wish to participate, please fill in the following form:
We will contact with the approved participants, as you may have in mind that the places are limited.
So hurry up!

What you will need:
• Accommodation, food and transport from Plovdiv are provided by the organizers.
• Mandatory insurance is provided by the organizers.
• Bring yourself warm clothes, good mood and fresh ideas!

A meeting programme and information about the location, you can find in the file for download below!

More about us:
Green Balkans is a leading organization in the field of conservation of rare species and habitats in Bulgaria. For its 30 years' existence, Green Balkans has won recognition from international and national institutions, authorities, and donors as a welcome partner and a highly reputable and competent organization.
Civic participation in the Association’s activities and joint work with a number of institutions, is the basis for the achieved successes in preserving the unique natural heritage of Bulgaria.

Polina Hristova – Communicational officer – tel. +359882508721, e-mail:
Aneliya Pavlova – Coordinator – tel. +359899269576, e-mail:
Volunteer meeting programme 710.47 KB (pdf) Download