Nominating for the third edition of the “Wild Chestnut” National Competition for GREEN Journalism 2021 begins

“Wild Chestnut” Competition  is organized for a third year in a row and aims to distinquish the high achievements in covering of current issues, related with nature in Bulgaria and its conservation.
Green Balkans, Economedia  (web site and Capital newspaper), Darik radio and BG Top Music  in the face of Hobby TV  give the start of the ”Wild Chestnut” national competition for GREEN journalism. The competition is implemented within the “Natura 2000 in Bulgaria- New Horizons” project.
On 6th  of August 2022 five journalists contributing to the coverage of  issues on nature, NATURA 2000, protected species and protected territories,  will be rewarded.  
An active form, where everyone can nominate journalists, will be available until the first of June 2022 at the following link:

Journalists can participate individually with their publications or be nominated by the audience. In order to be nominated, it is necessary to cite your article, describe  in brief your contribution and say why you deserve to be awarded.
Nominations will be in the following categories:
• Printed media
• Radio
• TV
• Online media
• Blog
The suggested individuals should meet the following criteria:
• All journalists of contractual relations in any media or freelance can be nominated.
 All journalists published materials in Economedia, Darik radio, Hobby TV are exception.
• In the last one year (01.07.2021-01.06.2022) the candidates should have published, printed or promoted their own material on topics of nature, Natura 2000, protected species and their habitats;
• It is allowed up to 3 publications in each category for each candidate.
• There is no age, gender or seniority limitation.

All nominees, who are allowed to participate with original author materials, will be evaluated by an expert jury  with representatives of Green Balkans, Economedia, Darik radio, Hobby TV. The finalists will be announced till the 1st of July. There are going to be 3 finalists from each category and they  will be judged on:
• Journalistic mastery and creative approach.
• Objectivity and reliability of the information sources
• Scope of natural topics
• Courage to work on difficult, unpopular or “forbidden” topics
• Effect/Impact of the journalistic material/s

The nominee journalists will have the chance to pay a two-day visit at a place between  5-6 -7.08.2022 and will be introduced  to the activities surrounding the flagship species in the “Natura 2000 in Bulgaria – New Horizons” project.  All 15 journalists will take a direct participation in the conservation activities, attending a protected zone within the scope of NATURA 2000 network. 
 Transport and  accommodation for the period 5-6-7.08.2022 of all 15 finalists are provided.

For additional information:
Polina Hristova – Communications officer, mob. +359 882 508721, e-mail:
Polya Ruseva - Communications officer, mob. +359 882 508721, e-mail:

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