Over 770 children from 19 settlements in Dalgopol and Ruen region learned more about the Egyptian vulture and the challenges for the survival of the species in Bulgaria!

Over the past few days, the Green Balkans team visited 19 settlements in Dalgopol and Ruen region in Bulgaria.
There, in front of more than 770 schoolchildren, we gave a series of presentations in which we talked about the Egyptian vulture and our work to preserve its fragile population in the area - very important for the survival of the species in the country.

Helpers in this big but extremely pleasant task were the common buzzard Misho, the common kestrel Vladko and the saker falcon Romeo - birds from the Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Centre of Green Balkans with permanent disabilities.

Throughout all the visits, there was great interest and many, many questions from the curious children and teenagers.

Where Egyptian vultures live, what they eat, where they are when it's winter here, how many chicks they rear and what dangers the species faces were just a few of the topics we discussed during our presentations.

We thank the principals and teachers of the schools in the villages of Lopushna, Medovets, Poliatsite, Partizani, Rechitsa, Snezha, Zaimchevo, Tranak, Karavelovo, Sokolets, Dobromir, Struya, Daskotna, Vishna, Bilka, Dropla, Yasenovo and Kamen Dyal for the warm welcome.

The activity is funded by the Municipality of Prague and the Prague Zoo within project "Conservation of the Egyptian vulture in the Balkans".