Records for Laid Eggs and Hatched Chicks of Cinereous Vultures in the Kotel Area and the Vratsa-Ponor Region

The hatching period of the Cinereous Vulture chicks is in full swing, and our team is eagerly follows the fate of each pair and each egg.

At the moment, 6 out of 11 pairs of Cinereous Vultures have completed the incubation process. Three successfully hatched in Kotel, and one of them "failed", likely due to the youthfulness and inexperience of the birds or other unknown natural causes.

There are still two incubating pairs there, whose eggs we are eagerly awaiting.
2 pairs of Cinereous Vultures successfully hatched in the Vratsa Balkan and Ponor, where there are still 3 incubating pairs remaining.

We have already set improved records for laid eggs and hatched chicks so far at both locations!

Expect soon additional information!

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