Routine check up of the Egyptian vultures at the Rescue Center of Green Balkans was done before the beginning of winter!

In good health and excellent clinical indicators, the Egyptian vultures of the Green Balkans Wildlife Rescue Center will welcome the winter.

This conclusion was reached by the Center's veterinarians after a thorough examination of all seven birds living in the aviaries.

Assistants in the work of the specialists were students of veterinary medicine from the Trakia  University, whom actively participated in activities such as internal and external deworming, maintenance of beaks and claws, examination of feathers and determination of the status of the general condition of the birds.

At the same time, the “Egyptian Vulture New LIFE” project team ensured that the aviaries, home to the birds, were cleaned, disinfected and repaired. And, where the couples live, the nesting material was completely renewed, in anticipation of the new breeding season!

So, after the saker falcons and the kestrels, the Egyptian vultures of the Green Balkans Rescue Center are now ready to welcome the winter.