Second egg for the Bearded vultures' pair at the Green Balkans' Rescue Center!

Great news, as for the beginning of the week, was presented to us by the Bearded vultures' pair at the Green Balkans Rescue Center!

Just like in a textbook, 10 days after laying their first egg for this breeding season, the second one appeared!
This is great news, considering that since 2016, when this pair of birds first bred in our country, there are not many years in which they manage to lay and raise two youngs!

We remind you that the species has disappeared from the nature of Bulgaria, and the three couples living within the Rescue Center are part of a program to restore it in Europe.

For now, all chicks hatched within the program, including "ours", are being released into the wild in Spain, Italy, France and Austria, where the return of the species has been underway for decades. We hope that soon we will be able to boast such activities in our country.

And, until then - we are keeping our fingers crossed that we will have live and healthy hatchlings this year as well!