Shadows in the Night

„Shadows in the night” is a two-part documentary which lifts the veil on the world of the little - known, but very useful for nature and the humans our wild neighbours – the bats.

Its first part “Shadows in the nigh: The mysterious world of bats” reveals details about the way of life and the biological characteristics of these remarkable flying mammals, which have evolved over 50 million years. The public will learn curious facts about their capability to orient by hearing and the advantages, which gives this unique biosonar.

The video is in the framework of the project : "NATURA 2000 in Bulgaria – NEW HORIZONS" - LIFE17 GIE/BG/000371 in partnership with Hobby TV/Hobby TV.

on Hobby TV HD on FRIDAY (14.01.22) from 20:40 p.m.
The film was created by Hobby TV