Start of the monitoring in Coastal Dobrogea

Monitoring in Dobrogea
During the past week our team has started the traditional monitoring of wintering geese in coastal wetlands. Within the first mission were visitied part of Burgas Lakes and two important wetlands in Coastal Dobrogea – Durankulak and Shabla-Ezerets Lakes. Numbers of wintering geese are still very low – only ten Great White-fronted geese were observed in Durankulak Lake but abundance of wintering birds in lakes of Dobrogea was relatively high. Density of ducks in Shabla Tuzla was impressive with more than 1000 Teals and 100 Shelducks. In the nearby Shabla-Ezerets Lakes were counted more than 2000 Mallards while in adjacent field were recorded almost 200 Mute and Tundra swans. Other interesting observation was a flock of Shags in the Black Sea in front of Cosmos camping near Durnakulak. 

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