The Egyptian vultures at the Green Balkans Rescue Centre are ready for the upcoming breeding season!

All three Egyptian vulture pairs living in the Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Centre are now ready for the breeding season.

This was established by the prophylactic examination conducted by the Centre's veterinary physicians in the beginning of March.

All six birds were examined, weighed, dewormed, their beaks were coped and their talons were trimmed.

And while the veterinarians examined the birds together with their assistants - the students of the National Professional School of Veterinary Medicine "Ivan Pavlov", part of the project BG05М20Р001-2.015-0001 "Student practices - 2" funded by Operational Programme "Science and Education for Intelligent growth", another part of the team took care of the aviaries, preparing the home of the future vulture families. The walls and floors were cleaned and disinfected, and the nests were lined with new nesting material consisting of branches, grass, wool and feathers.

We are anticipating the start of the new breeding season for another species at the Rescue Centre - the Egyptian vultures. We hope that this year, unlike last year, we will have hatchlings which as in previous years we will release into the wild when they become big and strong birds.