The Green Balkans Rescue Centre veterinarians conducted a preventive examination of the birds of prey in Sofia Zoo

A few days ago, the veterinarians of the Rescue Center of Green Balkans performed a preventive examination of the animals from the sector of birds of prey at Zoo Sofia.

The now traditional examination included weight measurement, a thorough examination of the body and feathers, internal and external deworming, nail and beak maintenance.

During the examinations, the veterinarians paid special attention to the Egyptian vultures. We remind you that within the framework of the "Egyptian Vulture New LIFE" project, Sofia Zoo, together with Prague, Schonbrunn, Jerez and many other European zoos, annually donates young Egyptian vultures hatched in their aviaries for release into the Bulgarian nature.

And, since such preventions are very suitable for the training of future veterinarians, together with our team, students of veterinary medicine from Trakia University took an active part in the event.

As a result of the examination, the team of veterinarians came to the conclusion that the birds await the approaching winter in good health. This, without a doubt, is due both to the care of the caretakers and to the regular preventive examinations we carry out together.