The annual survey of dolphin bycatch in the Black Sea has ended

In the current year our team continued the collection of data on the bycatch of Black Sea cetaceans in turbot fishing gear.

This year's data differs significantly from the previous three years, with a significant difference being observed in the seasonal distribution. In the period 2019-2021, the cetacean bycatch level in spring was always lower than in summer, but this year the ratio was reversed. A total of 77.26 km of nets were surveyed in spring and 52.1 km in summer. There were 8 bottlenose dolphins and 42 harbour porpoise recorded in spring and 17 harbour porpoises in summer, respectively. The ratio of average bycatch rates in spring to summer is 5:1, while in 2019 it was 1:20; 2020 – 1:6 and 2021 – 1:1.04.

During the study, samples were collected from the bycaught marine mammals in order to study their health status, food spectrum, age structure, presence and quantity of parasites.

Dolphin research work is not always as romantic as many people imagine. But every single aspect of it is important for their study and helps their survival.

The Green Balkans team traditionally works in this field, and our efforts are directed both to surveys of abundance and distribution, and to main threats to their survival!

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