The final Workshop on the CeNoBS project was held

The final Workshop on the CeNoBS project
The final meeting of the CeNoBS project was held on June 9th and 10th in the conference hall of the Roslin Central Park Hotel in Sofia, bringing together experts who had worked for two years to conduct unprecedented research on the Black Sea. The meeting was attended by representatives of the MoEW, BSBD, EEA, the ACCOBAMS Secretariat, the Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests - Romania, the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources - Ukraine, scientific institutions from the country and abroad, NGOs and others.

The focus in the first day of the meeting was on marine mammals, which are included in Descriptor 1 - Biodiversity to the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive. Experts from the leading partner in the project - Mare Nostrum NGO, Romania presented the summarized results of the conducted in the summer of 2019 historic in scale aerial survey of cetaceans and the ecosystem in the Black Sea. The data from the monitoring of bycatch of cetaceans in bottom gillnets for turbot were also discussed, an insufficiently studied problem in the region. These results are the basis of the proposals for defining values ​​according on the individual criteria of descriptor 1 - Biodiversity, marine mammals. A proposal for a monitoring program for marine mammals in the Black Sea was also presented to the competent authorities.

On the second day of the meeting, the main topic was underwater noise (descriptor 11) and the impact of this factor on marine ecosystems and in particular on cetaceans. The key speakers from the EU Working Group on Underwater Noise, and OceanCare, Switzerland presented the importance of this descriptor from a theoretical and practical point of view. The project partners from the scientific institutions (IO-BAS and NIMRD-Romania) presented the results of the pilot study of underwater noise conducted within the project, and an expert from ACCOBAMS - a proposal for a monitoring program in the Black Sea.

The results were submitted to the competent authorities in order to support the implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) of the EU in the Black Sea and will be available on the project website ( for use by various stakeholders.

The project "Support MSFD implementation in the Black Sea through establishing a regional monitoring system of cetaceans (D1) and noise monitoring (D11) for achieving GES" is co-financed by DG Environment of the European Commission and is implemented in January 2019 - June 2021.

In the implementation of the project activities efforts brought together 10 partners - Mare Nostrum NGO, Ministry of Water and Forest and National Institute for Marine Research and Development, Romania; Green Balkans NGO, Institute of Oceanology - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Black Sea Region Basin Directorate, Bulgaria; Ukrainian Research Center for Marine Ecology; TUDAV and the Black Sea Technical University, Turkey and the Secretariat of the Agreement for the Conservation of Cetaceans in the Black and Mediterranean Seas and the Adjacent Atlantic Area (ACCOBAMS).