The first Saker Falcons hatched at the Rescue Centre of Green Balkans in 2023 set off to freedom!

The time has come when we have to part with the first Saker Falcons hatched at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre of Green Balkans for 2023. But this parting is not sad. It is in fact a joyful moment for our team, because we know that this is the first step of these young birds towards freedom!
The first group of six falcons was treated against parasites and marked with ID rings. The Sakers were placed in one of the four adaptation aviaries prepared for the upcoming field season by the Green Balkans team of "Saker Falcon Reintroduction in Bulgaria" project.

The birds will stay in their aviary for several weeks until they have grown their adult feathers and have gotten accustomed to their surroundings. In the meantime, they will be monitored daily and fed twice a day by the project's field experts.

We wish good luck with the field activities of the project and we hope that this year like in the previous 12 we will have a successful season with many Saker Falcon chicks released into the wild.

The project "Saker Falcon Reintroduction in Bulgaria" is funded by the Mohamed Bin Zayed Raptor Conservation Fund and Armeec JSC.