The only Bearded Vulture breeding pair in Bulgaria laid an egg!

The only Bearded Vulture breeding pair in the Green Balkans’ Wildlife rehabilitation and breeding center is in the beginning of the breeding season for 7th consecutive year.

So far, they have one egg, but we are optimistic for a second laying, as copulations were observed again after the first egg was laid. The result of their coexistence is 10 chicks hatched and included in the species restoration program in Western Europe.
Since the pair is already experienced and the birds live in harmony, the egg was laid two weeks earlier than the previous year and calculations predict that the vulture chick will hatch in the beginning of February.

There is a second Bearded Vulture pair in the Rescue center, but the birds are not sexually mature yet. Despite that, they live together in order to get used to each other and make a good bond until they are ready to breed.