Two fluffy little vultures are looking for their godparents

Hello, friends! As you know, this year we have two (we repeat two ;)) babies from the Griffon Vulture pair at the Green Balkans Wildlife Rescue Centre!

In nature it is extremely rare to hatch two little ones, and it's even rarer for both of them to be successfully raised.

But... among the birds there is, too, the so called "assisted reproduction". The little ones were hatched thanks to the crew of the Rescue Centre!

First, we "stole" the egg of the couple, which stimulated them to lay down a second egg. After that, both eggs were hatched in incubators and in the first days, when the chicks are most vulnerable, our team took care of them. And now – we will return them to the parents, hoping to increase the chance both of them to be successfully raised. Unfortunately, with birds such as vultures it is not possible to be fed "by hand" from us, people, because that will make them unsuitable for a life in the wild since they will become "imprinted" or simply said – they will start thinking that they are people.

For their successful start in life, the two little guys, apart from food, cleaning and cares, will also need to have names ;))

In the present campaign we are looking for patrons /godparents/ for both chicks, who will give them names and symbolically tаке care of them for the first months of their lives.

The cost of the donation is 1000 levs and will give you the right to choose the name of one fo the chicks, to receive regular information about their condition, as well as to participate in their accommodation in the adaptation aviary or release in the wild /in case of the successful development of their program/. You will furthermore receive a diploma for donation, as well as a promotion of your support for our public cause!

With this symbolic donation you will become part of our community of friends of Green Balkans, who we work collaboratively with for the return of this extinct species!

We remind you that both young vultures are a "fruit of the love" of the Griffon Vultures pair at the Rescue Centre (Nadezdha and Belcho) which lay eggs for the third year as last year they had a chick for the first time, and during this year with the help of our little tricks they succeeded to hatch two little ones. You can follow their fate on our website for the protection of vultures: 

Griffon Vultures are a rare and endangered species whose return in nature requires coordinated efforts of a huge team of people.

In the daily care for them are engaged five employees at the Wildlife Rescue Centre as well as international consultants and soon our field team will also take care of them. 

In order to successfully end our mission for the return of vultures in nature, we need your support!

Donate to one of the bank accounts in BGN or EUR or through PayPal:
in BGN: BG 53 BPBI 8170 1603 3795 30,
in Euro: BG 89 BPBI 8170 1605 3232 47,
Eurobank Bulgaria AD (Postbank), SWIFT: BPBIBGSF.