Visit to Community Center "Vazrazhdane 1912" - The Town of Bolyarovo

On 05.01.2023 our team visited the town of Bolyarovo, where the film "Botev" was presented, in which both employees of Green Balkans and animals raised in our Rescue Center take part.

During the filming of the movie "Botev", on the set, in the wild forests and fields, Misho the Common Buzzard, Chara the Tawny Owl, Blaga the Little Owl, as well as Chopi and Jimmy the Turtles, Ezhko the Hedgehog and Tinko the Wild Rabbit came into the lens together with his double - the Tropcho the Rabbit.

All animals were photographed under the expert supervision of a veterinarian and an ecologist - employees of the Rescue Center for Wild Animals of Green Balkans. Employees and volunteers of Green Balkans participated in the stunts of the film, under the guidance of stunt coordinator Bagatur Boil Goran Ganchev from the "Baga -Tur" Pre-Bulgarian Survival School.

The event was held in the building of the "Vazrazhdane 1912" Community Center - the town of Bolyarovo, where the film was shown. After the screening, our team eagerly awaited the visitors, who numbered over 100 children and adults, to familiarize them more closely with our work for the protection of endangered species of birds and other animals and their return to the Bulgarian nature. The children were extremely interested in hearing interesting facts about birds, what we do to protect different species and how they themselves can get involved in such activities.

Also, the visitors of the projection had the opportunity to meet personally Misho the Common Buzzard and Chara the Tawny Owl, who live and breed in the Green Balkans Wildlife Rescue Center and which we took during the visit to the community center.

Each child received a poster and stickers with protected animal species and information about them. At the community center and the school in the town of Bolyarovo, we left advertising leaflets, flyers, posters, calendars and children's boards with protected species, for whose protection and return to the wild nature of Bulgaria, the Green Balkans  are working.

Thank you for the invitation and the warm welcome!

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