About the Project

Тhe Bright Future for Black Vulture LIFE14 NAT/BG/649 Project unites the efforts of five main partners from four European countries – Green Balkans – Stara Zagora and the Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna (FWFF) from Bulgaria, the Vulture Conservation Foundation (VCF) from the Netherlands, Junta de Extremadura from Spain and Euronatur from Germany.
It provides for the restoration of Black Vulture in Bulgaria through import and release of birds from Spain, improving the nesting conditions and food source, supporting local livestock breeders, limiting threats and developing national capacities.


Last news

02 aug

A record-breaking number of Cinereous Vulture outside the Eastern Rhodopes

A total of 20 Cinereous Vultures were counted through visual observation and transmitter data in Vrachanski Balkan in July. This is a record-breaking

30 jul

The first chick of Cinereous Vulture hatched in the wild in Bulgaria for decades was successfully ringed in the nest

Meet MITCHEV-BOEV – this is the name of the first juvenile Cinereous Vulture hatched in Bulgaria for the last nearly 30 years and the first in Balkan

12 jul

The gender of young Griffon Vultures Mrak and Plamak was determined

The two Griffon Vultures hatched in the Green Balkans’ Wildlife and Rescue Breeding Center this year turned out to be male and female. .tb_butto

09 jul

Second edition of the “Wild Chestnut” National Competition for GREEN journalism 2021

Green Balkans and its partners who are working on the “Natura 2000 in Bulgaria – New Horizons” LIFE17 GIE/BG/371 project and the “Bright future for B

28 jun

DEAD OR DYING: Nearly 100 vultures fall victim to suspected mass poisoning in Castilla y León, Spain

An area in Castilla y León, Spain, became a death trap for vultures over the past couple of days. Since yesterday, when locals came across the grueso


Follow our vultures fitted with GPS/GSM transmitters live. The devices send us data on the exact location of the birds, helping us monitor their behavior and adaptation into the wild.