​From Bulgaria to Ukraine and back — the travels of the Cinereous Vulture Silven


The young Cinereous Vulture Sliven, which was released from the Fund for the Wild Flora and Fauna aviary at Kotlenska planina SPA in May last year, made an unexpected journey to…Ukraine…twice!

On the 9th April the young bird flew north towards Romania and then kept northeast to Ukraine. Our team monitored the bird’s movement and kept in touch with colleagues in Ukraine in case it needed any help. After a two week ‘holiday’ the vulture made its way back and on 24th April after 14 days and 4177km returned home.

Once here, it did not however go back to the release area in Kotel, instead on the 27 April Sliven headed north, almost reaching Belarus, but moved south towards the Crimean Peninsula near the local Cinereous Vulture colony of about 18 breeding pairs. It is possible the Black Vulture headed north along with a group of Griffon Vultures or some other birds of prey. The ‘New LIFE for the Vultures’ team continues to track the bird which covered over 6400 km in 30 days (between 8 April – 8 May).

We will continue to give you the latest news about Sliven and his adventures in Bulgaria and abroad!

Ivelin Ivanov: ‘New LIFE for the Vultures’ LIFE14 NAT/BG/000649 Project Manager
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