​More poisoned griffon vultures found in the Iskar Gorge


The ‘Bright Future for the Black Vulture’ project team found two more dead griffon vultures in the region of the Bov village and Lakatnik yesterday.

After the team found the first poisoned birds in the region on 16th September – two griffon vultures, tagged with GPS transmitters and wingtags, thanks to which the birds were found, and a dead golden eagle, that had surprisingly disappeared the next day. Due to the engagement of local and national authorities that started work on the case along with a filed team the corpses were sent for toxicology tests.

Yesterday, thanks to the help of local people, two more dead griffon vultures were found, one near the village of Bov and the other near Lakatnik. One of the birds was tagged so we were able to check that it was from the colony in NP Vrachanski Balkan and was released back in 2011. The other one is a young wild vulture, probably from the same colony.

We are grateful to the local citizens and all relevant institutions for the timely response and for their help with the case. Special thank to Bars, the BSPB dog, specialist in the detection of poisons and poisoned animals in the wild, whose assistance was particularly important for finding the dead birds.

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