A colourful holiday, or how Green Balkans' teams celebrated the Children's Day with pupils from Otets Paisii Primary School, Batak


Invited by Mr. Georgi Yurukov, teacher of physical education and sport, teams from the projects "Bright Future for the Black Vulture", LIFE14 NAT/BG/649, and "Natura 2000 in Bulgaria - New Horizons" LIFE17 GIE/BG/371 /LIFEforBgNATURA/ visited the primary school "Otets Paisii", Batak.
In honour of the most wonderful children's holiday, the canteen of the school was festively decorated and the teams of both projects had prepared gifts and surprises for everyone. The beginning of the celebration was given by Mrs. Raina Valchinova, the school principal, who sent warm wishes to the children and their teachers and briefly introduced Green Balkans. Children and their teachers had the opportunity to listen to a lecture about bats and nature's critical clean-up crew - the vultures. Children and grown-ups listened with interest about why we should protect nature and how useful bats and vultures are for it. They had the opportunity to touch realistic mock-ups of Griffon and Cinereous Vulture, as well as Red-breasted Goose, Lesser Kestrel, and Sandwich Tern. 
The celebration continued with fun games. Every child had the opportunity to experience the mysterious world of bats and try to find food.  
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