A female Griffon vulture is looking for a godparent and adoptive parent


A female griffon vulture from the Green Balkans Wildlife Rescue Center is looking for a godparent and an adoptive parent!

The baby was hatched three months ago in the incubator of the Rescue Center, after which it was returned to the nest of its parents, the Griffon vultures Belcho and Nadezhda. Thus, she grew up in a cozy family nest and is about to embark on her journey as a large vulture. The first step was to be placed in an adaptation cage in the mountains, where she would get used to the wildlife and in turn be released. There she will spend several months in the process of "going wild" and getting used to nature.

In order to have her own identity, the little vulture must get a lucky name, for which we need your help and ingenuity.
In the current campaign we are looking for a human parent / adoptive / of the little one, who will give her a name and symbolically take over the support for the first months of her life.

The donation of BGN 1,000 will give you the right to determine the name of the baby, to receive regular information about her condition, as well as to participate in her placement in an adaptation aviary or release in the wild / of course with successful development of our program /. You also receive a certificate of donation, as well as promoting your support for our public cause!

With this symbolic donation, you become part of the community of friends of Green Balkans, with whom we work together for the return of the rare species!

In order to successfully complete our mission to restore vultures in nature, we also need your support!

Become a donor to one of the bank accounts in leva and euros and through PayPal:
in BGN: BG 53 BPBI 8170 1603 3795 30,
in euros: BG 89 BPBI 8170 1605 3232 47,
Eurobank Bulgaria AD (Post Bank), SWIFT: BPBIBGSF.

For additional information on the Sonso campaign:
Andreana Dicheva – Breeding program associate
mobile phone: 0877999192