Main goals and activities of the project

  • Restoring of the extinct nesting population of the Black Vulture in the Balkan Mountains and the Struma River Valley, by importing 48 Black Vultures from Spain, accommodating them in adaptation aviaries and releasing them back into the wild;
  • Strengthening the re-introduced Griffon Vulture population by importing and releasing 60 birds in the Balkan Mountains and the Struma Valley;
  • Improving the nesting conditions;
  • Improving the food base by providing supplementary feeding, encouraging the extensive livestock breeding and increasing the population of wild ungulates;
  • Reducing the threats of poisoning and electrocutions;
  • Developing the national and local capacity for successful implementation of reintroduction programs for extinct species.
  • Exchange of experience and bringing the Bulgarian nature-conservation institutions and their European partners closer.