The project provides for facilitating the Black Vulture return to Bulgaria through back-stopping European expertise, improving the conditions, limiting threats and elaborating national capacities.

The ultimate aim of the project is to establish a nesting population of Black Vultures in Bulgaria, in order to restore the connections between the sub-populations of the species on the Balkans (Greece) and Crimea and to these in the Alps and the Iberian Peninsula, facilitating the re-creation of a much more sustainable Pan-European population. 

This project will create a long-term expert exchange of know-how and information on vulture species between leading European vulture experts from Spain and Netherlands and their Bulgarian counterparts, thus increasing the capacity for early identification of species-threatening diseases and/or natural conditions and habitat changes. It also aims to build a functioning network of all stakeholders having impact on nature conservation and reintroduction outcomes specifically NGOs, park directorates, RIEW, hunter units, forest guards, veterinaries and local communities for ongoing monitoring of the status of target habitats and reintroduced vulture species.