Balkan Green Belt Photo Contest Winners


After long and hard evaluation process, and the great desire of the jury to distinguish more than five winners, the time has come to unveil to the great public the photograph that has made it to the top.

There were, of course, many a great, strong and influential a photograph, that were not short listed. Photograph that showed the wonders and beauties of our nature. Nature protected for so many years – places, plant and animal life, separated from the rest of the world by the border zone. That way untroubled by man, these island of nature eventfulness, flourished. But they were hidden. So much so, that no one even knew of their existence.

Now, with free access, is extremely easy for everyone with the desire, and eye for the beauty of nature, to venture in and get in touch with the incredible world of the Green Belt. It is so easy that we have asked you to share photograph of your trips in the nature of the Balkan Green Belt.

In the concourse specific e-mail, we have received so many photograph from so many different places from within the Green Belt, that there were moments when we had difficulties to process all. At the end we managed, and here you may see the winning photographs, the names of the winners, and their prizes.

First and second prize (a day in the Lesser Kestrel Release and Adaptation Module in the village of Levka, Sakar – an opportunity to take close-up pictures of the rare falcons both in the aviaries and in the vicinities of the Module) goes to Minko Mihaylov and Fatuh Kaya, respectively.

Third and fourth prize (a day in the field (Sakar) together with Green Balkans’ staff, offering lots of opportunities to take pictures of the wildlife in the Bulgarian part of the Balkan Green Belt and participate in field activities) goes to Izabela Kostantinova and Irena Cvetanova, respectively.

Fifth prize (the fifth-place finisher will be given the opportunity to arrange an exhibition of his/her wildlife photographs in Green Balkans’ Demonstration and Information Visitor’s Center in the village of Levka, Sakar, as well as in the visitor’s section of Green Balkans’ Wildlife Rescue Center in Stara Zagora) goes to Diana Angelova.