Become a Black Vulture Patron


11 majestic Black Vultures are looking for their godparents and patrons.

The Cinereous Vultures - the black rulers of the Bulgarian sky - the largest bird of prey in European nature and an extinct species for our country - need you for their recovery to our country!

Green Balkans are currently on the verge of bringing the species back to Bulgaria, but we need your support!

11 Black Vultures were donated to Bulgaria from Spain to restore the species in the country. If you want to be part of the return of an extinct species - adopt and name one of the 11 individuals who are the new hope for the return of the largest bird of prey in the sky over Bulgaria.

BECOME A BLACK VULUTRE PATRON - Name one of the beautiful birds in your name or a name of your choice, for a donation of BGN 500 (250 Euro), to the program for the return of the species.

Donate to one of the bank accounts in BGN or EUR or through PayPal:
in BGN: BG 53 BPBI 8170 1603 3795 30,
in Euro: BG 89 BPBI 8170 1605 3232 47,
Eurobank Bulgaria AD (Postbank), SWIFT: BPBIBGSF.

The Green Balkans team needs your support for the successful completion of our program for the protection of vultures. The “Bright Future for the Black Vulture” project won over dozens of other ideas from all over Europe bringing new funds to Bulgaria, namely to biodiversity conservation, all from a civil organization outside the business sector, which works in the public interest. Despite the received support, a significant part of our activities are possible only thanks to the contribution of private or corporate donors - our partners who help us realize our ideas for the return of rare species.

A whole generation of environmentalists is working tirelessly to get to this point – when the last shipment of birds donated by Spain arrived in Bulgaria. 30 years of hard work and the support of like-minded people and partners have brought us here:
  • We managed to restore Griffon Vultures as a nesting species in the Kresna Gorge and Stara Planina /together with our partners from the Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna and the Birds of Prey Protection Society/;
  • We released 138 Griffon Vultures received as a donation from 19 zoos in 7 different countries;
  • A total of 59 Black Vultures were donated by Spain, at the cost of the enormous efforts of a large international team;
  • We are on the way to regain the unique ecological function of vultures, as "sanitarians" in the wild - to save the economy, the state and private farmers, millions of levs necessary for the incineration of dead domestic animals.

Your personal contribution is extremely important to bring our program to a successful end – to return the Black Vulture in the wild nature of Bulgaria, and one day to return the symbol of Bulgarian conservation - the Bearded Vulture.

Would you like to be part of our mission? See how here:

For additional information and contacts:
Elena Stoeva -, mobile phone 0887574699