Bulgaria has its second Bearded Vulture!!!


A second Bearded Vulture has hatched at the Wildlife Rescue Centre of Green Balkans
Just days after the huge event with the hatching of the very first Bearded Vulture in Bulgaria for the past 60 years, we can now announce the hatching of a second baby, produced by the very same pair.  

The team of Green Balkans, as proud and careful foster parents, is constantly caring after the precious baby.
Some of you may remember that, several days after the hatching, the first chick was returned to its parents. When doing so, we pulled the second egg the pair was still incubating. We had to do that, since Bearded Vultures naturally rear just a single chick and the weaker one would always die if left in the nest. This is why, we need to now look for foster parents of the amazingly appeared second baby.

So, the small one is going to… Austria! Its new home would be the Richard Faust Specialized Bearded Vulture breeding centre near Vienna – the hatching place of both of his parents now living in the Wildlife Rescue Centre. There, well-experienced foster parents will take care of the baby, so the chick can later join the group of Bearded Vultures produced in 2016 within the Bearded Vulture Endangered Species programme and support the restoration of its species!
Here is how Bearded Vulture is back in Bulgaria! Well, just in the aviaries of the Wildlife Rescue Centre for now, but hopefully soon in the sky!

Until then us, from Green Balkans, will work hard, but any help will be highly appreciated by us, as well as by the symbol of Bulgarian nature conservation – Bearded Vulture!

For more information, please contact:
Dr. Hristina Klisurova - Wildlife Rescue Centre -