EuroNatur is committed to connecting nature and people in a peaceful Europe – beyond national borders.
Ever since its establishment in 1987, the environmental foundation is working for the protection of large scale landscapes and the corresponding species which are part of Europe’s common natural heritage. EuroNatur concentrates on those sites which have a high natural value, but have not yet been recognized as worthy of protection and therefore need an advocate to lobby and work for their protection.
In the 1990-ies, EuroNatur was intensively involved in the re-establishment of transhumance in Spain. This resulted in the establishment of a comprehensive network of experts in science as well as of organisations dealing with pastoralism.
Currently, EuroNatur within the frame of different projects, is dealing with grazing schemes and pastoralism in the Balkans with focus on the importance of pastures as habitats for endangered species.


The Team

     Stefan Ferger 
          Project Manager  

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     Sandra Wigger

          Project Manager   

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  Annette Spangenberg

     Project Manager 

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    Christian Stielow

           Public Relation Officer

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