When should I pay an adoption / name / transmitter tagging fee?

The adoption fees can be paid monthly, once per several months or at once.
The name and transmitter tagging fees must be paid at once. Then we will keep you informed about “your” bird on a regular basis. These fees can be paid anytime during the year, but if you would like to take part in the release of “your” bird, please, keep in mind that they are usually done from spring until mid-October, depending on the bird (age, time spent in the aviary, etc.).

How can I pay the adoption / name / transmitter tagging fee?

For methods of payment, you can check HERE

Am I the only “adopter” of “my” vulture?

Usually, yes. After giving a name or tagging a bird with a transmitter, you will receive an Adoption Certificate. From now on, your bird will be called with the name you have chosen. Furthermore, after transmitter tagging, the bird will be released hoping that will successfully adapt in the wild.

For how long can I adopt the vulture I have chosen?

You can adopt a vulture for one month or for one whole year. If your bird is released, the adoption will be transferred to another vulture still kept in the aviary.

Will the adopted vultures be released in the wild?

Yes. The goal of the Bright Future for Black Vulture LIFE14NAT/BG/649 project is to bring vultures back in Bulgaria. However, after the long journey from Spain in order to feel at home, they need to spend several months in an aviary to acclimatize and to adapt to the new conditions. Your "support" will provide food for your "pet" in the aviary before its release in the wild.


Can I meet my adopted / named / tagged bird?

Yes, off course. You are always welcome to visit us as adopter or not. But, please, keep in mind that you should agree your visit with someone from our team who can take you to observe vultures from a safe distance. Please, contact us HERE