First days of the Griffon Vulture chick newly hatched in the Green Balkans’ Wildlife Rescue Center incubator


After 54 days of incubation in the Green Balkans’ Wildlife Rescue Center incubator, the Griffon Vulture chick managed to crack the egg with a little help and came to life.

Today is the second day after hatching, and the baby is already feeding and resting warmly in the incubator. Newly hatched ones are most vulnerable in their first days of life, especially during cold winter months in nature. That’s why the baby vulture will be kept indoors for one week, then will be returned to its parents.

At the same time, the second Griffon Vulture’ egg will be taken from the nest so the parents can focus on raising the newly hatched chick. The second egg will go through the same process of artificial incubation, hopefully with the same success.

After being raised by its parents, the Griffon Vulture chick will join its local colony in wild nature of Bulgaria.

Ivelin Ivanov - "Bright Future for Black Vulture" project manager
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Andreana Dicheva -"Bright Future for Black Vulture" project - breeding program assisstant
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