For the First Time After Two Decades – a pair of Black Vultures Arrives in Sofia Zoological Garden


Sophia and Badahos vultures are donated to Sofia Zoo by means of “Bright future for the Black Vulture” project LIFE 14 NAT / BG / 000649, it represents a mutual initiative of partners of four European countries – “Green Balkans – Stara Zagora” NGO , the Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna and  the Birds of Prey Protection Society from Bulgaria, Vulture Conservation Foundation from the Netherlands , Junta de Extremadura from Spain and  Euronatur from Germany.

The birds are granted to our country from the Government of Extremadura – Kingdom of Spain. Тhe initiative for the birds donation  is due to the Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna.

The project’s aim is restoration of the population of the Black Vulture in the wild of Bulgaria.

The two birds are permanently disabled, thus can’t be released in the wild, that’s why  the pair will be species “ambassador” in the zoological garden.
Sophia and Badahos  are a formed couple, which we hope to breed and their offspring to be released in the wild. 

The Black Vultures has arrived in the Sofia Zoo the same year these birds have been restored in the Bulgarian nature, subsequent to the joint work of several organizations  within the framework of the project “Bright future for the Black Vultures” LEFE 14 NAT / BG / 00649!

The restoration of the nesting population of Black Vultures in Bulgaria is an exceptional achievement, possible thank to the years of efforts of many Nature Conservation organizations and institutions , among them Sofia Zoo.

The Black Vultures are iconic species for Sofia Zoo, as namely a Black Vulture , gifted to Prince Ferdinand, the establisher of Zoological garden was the first animal in the zoo collection. Sofia Zoo has traditions in rearing and breeding of vultures. Since 2000 it has participated in the efforts for conservation and restoration of Griffon Vultures and Egyptian Vultures,  and now the biggest and imposing species – the Black Vulture becomes part of the conservation program of the Zoo.
In the Red Book of Bulgaria the Black Vulture is recorded in the category “Extinct”. In 2021 the nesting of the first 2 pairs in the Bulgarian nature was observed.

The birds will be presented officially to the Zoo on 22th of December, Wednesday at 11:30 a.m. in front of the big aviary for the birds of prey. 

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Zoological garden – Public Relations Expert: Irina Sahatchieva, тел. 0878 640 183,